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About Myself


As a coach, simply put, I tell the truth with love. I act as another pair of eyes to fill in the blind spots. I hold compassionate space for what wants to emerge, and give permission to those parts of ourselves we wish to hide.


I’m also a practice partner. A safe place to practice honesty, curiosity, relationality, and speaking up (to name a few), so that you are better equipped to take these skills out into your daily life.


In a session we will often go slow, zoom in, pause, speak truthfully, check in with our bodies, notice patterns, and allow things to unfold (in no particular order). We also get practical; when appropriate I teach boundary making, communication skills, and relational dynamics.


My nuanced sensitivity, compassionate heart, and willingness to use my own life as practice grounds make me a worthy supporter on the journey. I coach both individuals and couples, in person and on video calls.


About Relationality


As a society, never before have we been so independent and self-empowered. As a result, our relationships are shifting. We are able to pick and choose how we want relationship, when we want it, with whom we want it with, and if we want it at all. There is an overwhelming amount of options just a click away. If one doesn’t work out, we can move to the next one. Replacing societal duty or family obligation is our drive for what we want and our pull towards desire and self fulfilment. As our “I” gains importance, the “we” gets demoted on the totem pole. Yet, as human beings we are built for connection and intimacy, with ourselves, each other, and our surroundings. The answer to finding practical relationality in our present day reality is not in sacrificing self for the other, nor is it in independently existing at the cost of those around us or our environment. We need to find space to hold ourselves and the other in equal regard. We are always in relationship; it’s the nature of our reality, and never before have we needed to realize our interconnectedness.


About my Training


Originally trained as a sex and intimacy coach, I worked with a number of couples and individuals through issues including: communicating desires, creating boundaries, telling truth, moving from good to better, fear of intimacy, and jadedness. Since then I’ve continued my education in the therapeutic world of Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Relational Life Therapy (RLT), focusing on helping others navigate their internal worlds and bridging them into the relational world. I use various tools that gravitate towards parts work and body awareness. I work with both couples and individuals, as well as all genders and types of relationships. 


Schedule a Complimentary Introductory Session

Thanks! Laurel will contact you shortly to schedule your complimentary introductory session.


“I’m in a relationship now. I can't thank you enough for your help in opening up. I often return to your words and questions, especially regarding that habit of self condemnation. I’m glad to be learning how to trust."

- Philip L.

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